the saga of PONGTIKU



Senin, 14 Maret 2011

the saga of PONGTIKU

During the war against Dutch colonialists, Pong Tiku using guerrilla warfare tactics. When Pong Tiku against the Dutch He never settled in an area or village in the Tana Toraja.Dia always on the move to move, from one place to another and it is a tactic Pong Tiku for Dutch troops overwhelmed in the search for Pong Tiku and his followers . The war's most fierce in the area Panggala and Baruppu.Dimana at that position Pong Tiku and pasukkannya known by the Dutch, and Dutch besieged cave hideout improvised weapons Tiku.Dengan Pong Pong Tiku and his followers against the Dutch without fear and trepidation. Pong Tiku using a tactic of war by using weapons resembling Injection, made of bamboo in the call tirrik pepper. The weapon used in a way to enter into the chilly water of small bamboo and spray into the eyes of Dutch troops, who wanted to climb the cave hideout when Pong Tiku.Dan Dutch troops could not see because their eyes are sore, Pong Tiku and his troops threw the spear into the body of Dutch troops Belanda.Banyak troops who died during the fighting took place.
At that time the Dutch could not master the Tana Toraja, they then divert the power to the area at that time also Enrekang.dan Pong Tiku know that the Dutch attacked Enrekang, He then gathered his troops to assist the King in guerrilla tactics Enrekang.Dengan Pong Tiku told King Enrekang to gather his people and told to hide in caves and on the Dutch while chasing King gunung.Pada Enrekang to the mountain, Pong Tiku and people of other Enrekang dropping stones from the mountain, so the Dutch troops in the middle of the mountain crushed stone dead.
During the 2-year war with the Dutch Pong Tiku, as long as it also makes the Dutch Pong Tiku topsy turvy and consequently the position of the Netherlands that have been squeezed by the resistance Pong Tiku and people of Tana Toraja, so that the Dutch use cunning tactics instigated by a member or troops for Pong Tiku Pong Tiku be told where, in return was given a number at the time uang.Dan Pong Tiku was bathing in a river that is located in singki sad'an (now a stone fort), Rantepao.Akhirnya troops berhianat Pong Tiku which reports to the Netherlands that Pong Tiku taking a bath in the river singki.Tanpa wasting time Dutch troops rushed to the place where the river singki Pong Tiku bath at the time, and it turned out really what was said by members of the berhianat Pong Tiku itu.Pada when Dutch troops came to that place without a lot of snout and more directly capture Pong Tiku behavior that was in the shower and since surprise Pong Tiku not do anything about apa.Dan finally on December 10, 1907 July Pong Tiku were shot dead in that place. (hm ... so like the story of heroes of the pitung from betawi, Hehehhee ... ... which is definitely not the pitung nie)
When the people of Tana Toraja, knowing that a man who has been a leader and role model is none other than against the Dutch was Pong Tiku has died in firing by forces they do not subside even Belanda.perjuangan multiply Tana Toraja people who are willing to die for troops expelled the Dutch from Earth Tana Dutch troops Toraja.Karena many died while fighting against the people of Tana Toraja Dutch finally left the earth a little at Tana Toraja, until finally the people of Tana Toraja could feel the beauty of independence.
Thanks to the services and the struggle Pong Tiku expelled the Dutch colonialists, finally in 2002, i President of the Republic of Indonesia, No.073/TK/tahun issued Presidential Decree 2002, dated 6 November 2002 the contents of title to the Pong Tiku as NATIONAL HERO.
Hm .... The struggle is not in vain I try yach ... isa idup an hour in the struggle Pong Tiku ... how it feels yach ????? boom weapons everywhere ... aaa can not be mad ... .... Hehehe
Holland is great ..... but tae 'Dutch invaded Toraja sejarahna North. Until Japan's entry into Indonesia was the Dutch colonize a second! Over a year ago

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