Commander of the Black Tongue (PANGLIMA LIDAH HITAM)



Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Commander of the Black Tongue (PANGLIMA LIDAH HITAM)

In the days of yore disebuah hilltop in Napo, ruled a king named King Balinapa. The king was very strange, already more than thirty years in power but do not want to let go of his throne. Let alone to others, to his own son he did not want to pass on his kingdom's power.
He wants to continue ruling over the period, when the day is increasing age. And no man is immortal. Every human in the end will surely die.
King Balinapa always strive to maintain healthy body, both with regular exercise, the exercise of war, or hunting. Not forgetting diligent drink herbal and medicinal herbs renowned physician, all it can do for a long life.
Because do not want to pass on its power, so he only had daughters. Each queen gave birth to a boy she just kill him, so will not be able to seize power of his kingdom.
Each time he was always anxious pregnant Empress. Do-do son. Would have killed her husband. So always expect the child she is carrying is a baby girl.
At one time the empress was pregnant, coincidentally also the King Balinapa will hunt to the area Mosso. Then his wife was taken and because the King feared that the empress gave birth to a boy, certainly not the heart to kill her consort.
Before the king went hunting, he told the Commander of the War Puang Mosso, "If tomorrow or the day after I had returned while the empress gave birth to a boy, then kill the child."
"Ready Majesty. All orders must be servants of the king to do. "Answered Puang Mosso.
King Balinapa indeed clever. Concern proved. A day after he once went hunting, who lives in Mosso Empress gave birth a baby boy. The baby has a hairy tongue and black. Therefore, Puang Mosso confused when thinking about a new baby it was a baby boy.
"If the King here, that child would be killed", he told himself.
King Balinapa not just entrust Puang Mosso to oversee Consort. He also commissioned a dog trained to guard the king. Knowing Consort birth of the king's dog who guarded the former empress soon licking sheath maternity Consort, leaving blood on the dog's snout. Furthermore, the dog came to the king while barking continues to show blood on the muzzle. Therefore, King Balinapa understand that the queen had given birth.
Meanwhile, Puang Mosso feel sorry to see the state of a baby boy, the baby was somewhat different than most babies. Hairy tongue and black. He could not bring myself to kill the baby. He is looking reasonable. Then slaughter a goat and make a headstone for the grave.
When the king returned from hunting, he immediately asked, "Is Empress had given birth to?"
Answered by Puang Mosso, "The empress gave birth to a boy and the servant as a message directly kill the king. Let's take the servant king to see the boy's grave. "
King together Puang Mosso went to the cemetery. King also believes that her son was slain.
True? Where in fact the child was hidden Puang Mosso? King Balinapa not even know it.
The days turned into years. King's son was getting bigger, he's good at learning and get to know people. Fearing his secret will be known by the King later, the king's son Puang Mosso entrust to someone who was sailing to the island far from the hill Salemo Napo.
Once in Salemo, the child growing into adolescence. He likes to climb. One day, when he was climbing trees, suddenly a bird came a giant eagle clutching his shoulder, and then fly away to distant places. Up in Gowa, Eagles dropped the boy's bird amid the rice fields. A farmer happened to see it when the bird fell from the clutches of Eagles. The farmer reported to the King of Gowa, "In the middle of rice fields we saw a very handsome boy, dressed in red. If we ask a child where she did not answer. "
Once the king of Gowa observe the child, immediately interested and said to myself, "hemm, the child was not indiscriminate." Therefore dipeliharalah child to adult, taught all kinds of science heroism to become a strong man, handsome and powerful.
Raja Gowa later and picked people who were flown Eagles became warlords. When King went to war, his army commander always win thanks to his supernatural powers. His expertise on the battlefield is unparalleled.
News of the miracle of the famous commander and spread to various parts of the region. So the king gave the title of commander Gowa I Manyambungi.
Meanwhile, in the hills of Napo, King Balinapa father who actually died because I Manyambungi attacked by King Lego is powerful. The king is very powerful and ruthless. He likes to kill people and disrupt the people who are in the surrounding country. To overcome this, the king's subordinates and the surrounding start and held a meeting concerned. Because I had a lot of people were murdered and no one can suppress the King of Lego that magic but cruel.
One of them said, "There's good news, in Gowa there is a very powerful warlord, perhaps we can ask him to fight the King of Lego."
Then diutuslah someone to Gowa to meet the commander I Manyambungi. However, I Manyambungi refused and said, "I will participate to help you if Puang Balanipa Mosso who came to pick me up. Promise me this should not be heard by the King of Gowa, because he forbade me to leave the country. "
Arrive at Mosso, envoy named Puang Napo said to Puang Mosso, "Go to the Gowa because he would come here if Puang Mosso own pick him up." Suddenly Puang Mosso shock, surprise and dismay. Why should he pick up I Manyambungi. There is a relationship and what interests the Commander of the famous Battle of Gowa was with him? So no wonder immediately went Puang Mosso by sailing ship to Gowa. Arriving at his face I Gowa Manyambungi with chest pounding. I Manyambungi said, "I am really going to Balanipa, because I remember your good favor to me, as a boy You are the the rescue and memeliharaku."
Mosso Puang chest thumping. "Do-do, he was the son of King Balinapa the past and present diselamatkannya named I Manyambungi," she thought of worry and joy. Puang Mosso continues to observe I Manyambungi and pleaded, "I'm sorry sir, try julurkanlah tongue sir." When his tongue extended and visible tongue was black and hairy, Puang Mosso shouted loudly as she hugged I Manyambungi and said, "Yes, You are the son of King Balinapa. "
Not long after, at midnight when they left the country Gowa went quietly as if saying goodbye to the King of Gowa's departure I would not have condoned Manyambungi to his hometown.
Having arrived, they were sailing ship docked at Tangnga-Tangnga. They then lose all the tools of war and took him to the hill Napo. That's why I Manyambungi also called To Dilaling which means people who migrate because he moved from Gowa to Napo is one of the Mandar region. Dilaling (those who migrated) because he moved from Gowa to Napoleon (one of the Mandar region).
Meanwhile, King Lego empire ruled by cruel Napo. He take its own course. If you want no matter whose property must be acquired, either by fine or by violence. Similarly, if he wanted to marry, regardless of the woman who wants to reject or accept, as a girl or a married certainly forced to be his wife. As a result, most people hold a grudge and hate. So when I invite people battling Manyambungi Lego King, his invitation was greeted with joy. On the appointed day they stormed the palace. Special Lego King faced by I Manyambungi own. In a very fierce battle, King Lego eventually be defeated by I Manyambungi. King was killed at the threshold of cruel badik I Manyambungi. Finally, I Menyambungi who became the successor to the throne Balinapa chaotic at that time. In the reign of the country I Manyambungi be safe, prosperous and tranquil.
Let no man is too self-absorbed so that it can harm other people, as demonstrated by King Balinapa. For fear of change, he would kill her son.
Secondly, people should not boast about the strength and spiritual power, such as the King of Lego to oppress the weak. For indeed no human being would oppressed by others.

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