Folktale Tana Toraja "Massudi Lalong-Dodeng-Lebonna"



Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Folktale Tana Toraja "Massudi Lalong-Dodeng-Lebonna"

Lebonna – Paerengan Massudilalong
 (Love Story lively Semati)
A love story of two lovebirds semati lively romantic couple that have occurred since ancient times (Long before the Romeo-Juliet is filmed) and has taken hold and will always be remembered in the indigenous communities of Tana Toraja. The love story between Massudilalong Paerengan Lebonna and his girlfriend ended very tragically.
Tersebutlah Lebonna, a beautiful woman, white, long noses, tall, slim and long hair from the Regional Bau, Bonggakaradeng. In the course of his life, he later became seizure of men, but eventually he fell in love with a handsome man, a brave and powerful called Massudilalong Paerengan.
In a twisted affair relationship, the two lovebirds tied the knot for semati lively, and when she died later, they must be buried in one coffin.
Over time, both more intimate affair, and eventually many men are jealous of the admiration of Paerengan Lebonna, as well as many women are jealous of the admiration of Lebonna Paerengan, handsome and brave young man.
However, the fate of another said when news emerged that neighboring regions will conduct the raid, and Paerengan which is known as a knight, was asked to lead the troops. So they went into battle to fight (Mangrari).
Meanwhile in Kampong Lebonna weaving while waiting for his girlfriend back. However, during the battle, one of his subordinates Paerengan secretly fled from the battlefield, with the intent to break the news Lebonna grab a lie about the death Paerengan, to Lebonna by pretending to be sad.
Hearing the news about the death of her lover, Lebonna very shocked and unable to receive the news. Even he got shut down and refuse to eat for several days.
Business Paerengan men who fled the battlefield proved fruitless. Lebonna not budge one bit to be persuaded or seduced by his love is only for Paerengan. Each night Lebonna always remembered the promise he had agreed with his girlfriend, Paerengan. And finally, he kept his promise to lively semati with his girlfriend by hanging himself.
After the death and hanged himself chose, for the sake of proving her sacred love, body Lebonna then dimakamkanyang first go through a procession of "dialuk", then buried in a stone Liang, precisely in Barana Salu village, Lembang Bua Wood. According to the story, when the corpse Lebonna in enter into Liang, new doors suddenly closed, and long hair loose Lebonna still out until lip Cave. According to public confidence in Toraja, when it Lebonna still not willing to enter into Liang unaccompanied Massudilalong Paerengan, the lover who had tied the knot with her for the lively semati.
What about Paerengan? Paerengan returned from the battlefields with the news of victory, and headed straight to the house Lebonna, her lover who is he missed.
But what a blow Paerengan, Lebonna girl he loved was gone forever.
After knowing Love is gone, life Paerengan very erratic. He is known as a true knight and highly respected, now living in a closed condition. Every day he was obtaining sad, and alone. Dilemma, Paerengan must choose its promise lively Lebonna-semati with life to defend its territory or its territory from enemy attacks.
Day-haripun passed, there was a man named Dodeng, Maid Paerengan very close to Paerengan. Dodeng have a palm tree near the grave Lebonna Liang. At one point, Dodeng too late to take juice / wine, so he had to depart after the evening. When taking a palm wine, Dodeng heard a familiar voice, a voice he knew and know as the voice Lebonna. Some people believe that spirits Toraja someone who died by suicide will not calm down, just as spirits Lebonna.Apa message to be conveyed to the Dodeng untuka Lebonna submitted to Paerengan-Massudilalong lover? Dodeng hear screams Lebonna about her lover who has not fulfilled his promise to lively-semati. Lebonna message to Massudilalong through Dodeng implied through the lyrics of a song:
Dodeng mangrambi mandedek, Dodeng ma'pa pour-cast, rampananpi pededekmu, annapi kamali'ku te .... Ammu perangina 'dead', Ammu talingana duel '.... Parampoanpa kadanku, pepasan Mase-maseku, Lako to Massudilalong, muane sangkalamma'ku ...
Mukua mourning the mateki la e so 'eee .... Paerengan o ... Rendengku.
Angku Dolo, Angku mate (...) tae 'si la matena, lasisarak sunga'na, (...) Ulli Ulli soladuka-Borro sito'doan sorrow (...) o Rendengku ....
That is more or less; Hey .. Dodeng who took the wine, stop before aktivitasmu .... Hear a message to my lover Massudilalong deritaku ... .... He said will sependeritaan ... Also lively-semati .... But it all just empty ... I have been long dead, committed suicide because of the promise ... while he was still alive.
Dodeng who heard voices pleading moans that, unable to do anything. He froze. When awake, he immediately ran to the house Paerengan and no time to take the wine again. Arriving at the house, she immediately fell sick and cold sweat
However MESSAGE Lebonna to her lover was not directly delivered Dodeng, because it is still not believe what he heard. He was worried that only a figment of the imagination, although it had made him sick. Finally Dodeng again try to take Ballo or wine, but this time he was earlier dating. Dodeng surprise, the voice again he listens when he is not too dark (night). Hearing the sad voice that berintihkan message, Dodeng then flee without menbawa wine.
Finally, changes in attitudes Dodeng make Paerengan suspicious. He then urged Dodeng to tell what happened to him, Dodeng did not stand and deliver it to the Paerengan tesebut.
Not sure of the story Dodeng, Paerengan also wanted to prove it, so the next day when the evening come together Dodeng Paerengan into palm tree, which is not far from the cemetery Lebonna. After Dodeng raised above the palm trees, the sound was again heard. Paerengan present secretly listen clearly. After hearing the message directly Lebonnaitu, Paerengan was immediately into his house, went into his room and shut the door tightly rapat.ia sangt-stricken because of neglect of the faithful promise that has been agreed with Lebonna; lover whom she loved.
Not long to wait for the commander in war Paerengan requested that all his troops together with a spear. (What would he do?) He reasoned would perform the ritual ceremony merok with impaled by slaughtering buffalo.
The next day, all the soldiers gathered in the open field. All Paeengan family were also present. At that time, dozens of water buffalo has been prepared, the soldiers also have membawatombak respectively. Paerengan then requested that all the soldiers plunged a spear with a spear above the eye position. When all the citizens and soldiers gathered, secretly Paerengan raised above the roof of the pavilion that was already there before. Thinks will deliver a speech, but it turns out he just jumped right above the hundreds who have been spearheading plugged.
Paerengan was tragically killed, and has fulfilled his promise. At Paerengan buried, not in place Lebonna buried, bodies Paerengan always reappears suddenly at his home. This incident occurred three times, until finally Dodeng recounts the actual events including the voice he heard while trying to retrieve the wine. Once buried ONE WITH Lebonna Liang, then be quiet Paerengan corpse.
* The importance of honesty and loyalty
* Should never promises that we can not necessarily keep.
By: Arnold Paarrang Palayukan

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